Choosing the system

As part of its C-parts management, Lederer has developed five system variants that have proven to be particularly useful in its dialogue with customers and at the implementation stage. Adapted to specific customer requirements and depending on the location and type of delivery, we distinguish between:


LeLog A

  • C-parts requirements determined by the customer himself and transmitted to Lederer (by fax, e-mail, online connection, etc.)
  • Delivery of the merchandise in normal industry packaging to the stock receipt

LeLog B

as in A, except

  • Storage space/Kanban shelf filled directly by the Lederer logistics specialists

LeLog C

  • The need for C-parts is shown by empty Kanban containers that the customer makes available at the stock receipt
  • Merchandise delivered in full Kanban containers to stock receipt

LeLog D

as in C, except

  • Empty containers are deposited next to the shelves and the Kanban shelf is stocked directly by the Lederer logistics specialists

LeLog E

as in D, except

  • ascertainment and monitoring of needs via eletronic weightsystem and wireless transmission
  • Individual adjustments can of course be made to the conditions, requirements and desires of the customer
  • When the concept is being drawn up, a great deal of fine-tuning can be carried out to increase the efficiency of the system