Simple realization

Customers’ individual requirements of a logistic delivery system vary according to the company and the sector in which it operates. That is why Lederer always offers made-to-measure solutions to problems – after all, only optimum C-parts management leads to the best possible exploitation of the available potential.

Many conceptual and organizational steps, from the decision to use C-parts management to onsite implementation, are required; Lederer takes nearly all of these off your hands. Depending on the size and complexity of the system in question, a full first-time installation takes between two and six months. Four rough project phases can be outlined:

Definition of C-parts and nominal/actual analysis

Determination of C-parts and consumption, clarification of questions and product range streamlining.

Inspection of local conditions and recording of customer requirements and wishes (specialized discussion).

Drawing up the offer, rough concept

Complete offer submitted in accordance with the scope defined in step 1.

Rough C-parts management concept drawn up on the basis of the specialized discussion.

Price negotiations and detailed concept

Fine-tuning and price negotiations conclude the article-related preparatory work.

Definition of all of the finer points (system variants, organizational processes, communication of requirements, structuring of contract, invoicing, etc.).

Operating phase

After the price negotiations have been concluded and the organizational and conceptual preparatory work has been completed, your stock is filled for the first time. This is the starting signal for the process-optimized logistic supply process.

We believe that regular system checks are an important component of the strategic partnership between you and us. Lederer continuously monitors the consistency of the C-parts management system, carries out improvements in agreement with you and adapts the entire process to changed conditions.