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Never start rusting in the future either!

2020 is an anniversary year for Lederer in Ennepetal:
As a specialist for stainless fasteners and standard parts as well as efficient C-parts management we are celebrating our 50th anniversary. And as a family company, firmly anchored in the region, we´ve long been one of the market leaders in the industry and we are expanding our business with new investments..

The company was founded on January 2nd, 1970 by Rainer Lederer and a business partner. We quickly established ourelf in the growing market for stainless steel fasteners and increased iour number of employees from five initially to more than 200. Dr Volker Lederer, who is the second generation to lead the AEO-F certified company at its headquarters in Ennepetal, has done so since 2010. Our core area was the retail trade business for many years until the industrial sector was established and expanded as a new business area in the 1990s. The Lederer range includes special parts by drawing, manufacturer-specific C-parts, packaging, labelling and assembly, as well as complex logistics and Kanban solutions (also RFID-based).

Ahead in digitisation

Lederer GmbH is characterised primarily by short response times, a worldwide procurement network and fast delivery. In addition, customers from home and abroad also appreciate the mixture of many years of experience, personal support and sophisticated digital processes. This includes e.g. the use of RFID technology in the field of C-parts management. Thanks to this almost fail-safe and contactless transmission/reception technology, the transmission of requirements required in Kanban systems is almost instantaneous. This saves time and ensures more process reliability. In addition, Lederer offers its own online shop with live availability and prices, EDI interfaces and new cloud solutions for customer-specific information and document exchange.

Accredited test laboratory according to ISO/IEC 17025

In addition to our in-house testing department, which is responsible for the standard incoming and outgoing goods inspections, we also have our own ISO/IEC 17025-accredited test laboratory. Complex tests such as tensile tests and salt spray tests carried out to ensure the highest possible quality level. The results are documented in corresponding test certificates and test reports.

Further investments planned

With eight-figure investment sin the company's infrastructure, the course for the future has been set in recent years: among other things, investments have been made in the new building for logistics, packaging and outgoing goods as well as the automatic small parts warehouse, which will provide almost 60,000 locations in the future. The expansion of the automatic small parts warehouse and the conveyor technology means a further increase in capacity and speed in picking and shipping. For Volker Lederer it is clear: “We do not want to start rusting in the future but want to start this anniversary year with concrete further developments.”