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Contact with human beings ...

Lederer donates to DKMS.


"Basically contact with human beings is what gives live its value."

(Wilhelm von Humboldt, german philosopher and politician,
cofounder of the Humboldt-University Berlin, 1767 - 1835)

Every 45 minutes, somebody in Germany is diagnosed with leukemia (blood cancer). Many of these unfortunately are children and teenager. Many patients are still waiting for their “genetic twin”. In Germany alone, one in five patients still has not found a suitable donor who may save their lives. Lederer GmbH would like to support DKMS Deutsche Knochenmarkspender-Datei (i.e. German Bone Marrow Donor Center) to reach their goal, which is to ideally find a potential life-saver for every patient suffering from blood cancer.

That is why we at Lederer have decided to pass on the budget of this year's Christmas season gifts for customers and partners and donate the money to DKMS. The donation for this non-profit organisation has already been transferred during the current autumn period.

In addition, Lederer GmbH offered to all of its employees to get registered as a potential donor with DKMS in a company drive that was held in October. More than half the workforce, including the senior management, accepted this offer and became a potential donor of the DKMS database. All the costs incurred were settled by the company.

Sales Director Peter Henke has no doubts: "It's great that we can bestow a present that really means something this year: life!" And Managing Director Dr. Volker Lederer adds: "I am very pleased indeed with the level of employee participation, which is unusually high for a typification. I regard this as my Christmas present from the company."

IMG_5196_optimiert_beschnitten_2_verkleinert für Web

Managing Director Dr. Volker Lederer, sales manager Peter Henke and DKMS assistant Nadine Otta (from right) are pleased with the successful support of the nonprofit project and the very high level of employee participation.