Edelstahlschrauben und Verbindungselemente

Laughter is the best medicine:

Lederer donates to Clownsvisite.


Laughter alone certainly doesn't make you healthy, but it can have a positive effect on the healing process. Lightness of mood follows the “clinic clowns” wherever they go. They generate fun and joie de vivre; they banish fear and bring confidence. A lot of experience shows how valuable this contribution to convalescence is.
When the clowns do their round, they play, sing and engage in fun and games with the little ones among the patients. For a whole afternoon, the boys and girls can forget about the drab daily routine in the hospital. Pains, fear and homesickness recede into the background. Laughter is life and gives hope!

That's why Lederer GmbH has decided again, as last year, to dispense this year's Christmas presents for customers and partners in the form of a charitable donation. The funds to support the clowns' rounds were transferred in the autumn.
This charitable organisation has been in existence for 12 years, finances itself mainly from donations and looks after sick and care-dependent people in a total of 18 children's hospitals, hospices and senior citizens' homes.


Christian Müller-Espey from the Clownvisite e.V. and Clownine Ursel Penkl aka "Antonella" are delighted by the support of Lederer GmbH and inform CEO Dr. Volker Lederer (center) on the use of the donation and the activities of the nonprofit association.