Edelstahlschrauben und Verbindungselemente

In addition to the premium-quality Biloc product, we’re now offering the more favourably-priced Inloc variant:

Lederer broadens DIN 980 assortment.


As a well-known specialist of several decades’ standing in the field of high-grade steel fasteners, screws and nuts, Lederer is broadening its assortment of locking nuts of the type DIN 980 (or ISO 7042) and similar.

In contrast to DIN 985/ISO 10511 (clamping part made from synthetic material), the design is fully metallic in the style of DIN 980/ISO 7042 and in most cases is based on a remodelling of “normal” DIN 934 nuts. These are provided with a three-point pinching which ensures the necessary clamping effect. In the process, distinctions are made between Inloc (pinching on the front surface, above), Biloc (pinching on the width flat, on the side) and Treloc (pinching on the transition of front surface and width flat).

Lederer previously stocked only the premium-quality “Biloc” version in its warehouse assortment: three-point pinching on the side width flats, copper base-coated and tin-plated; M5 ‐ M20, high-grade steel A2 and A4.

In addition to this, Lederer can now supply the “Inloc” variant as well: three-point pinching on the front surface, Gleitmo‐coated, M5 - M12, high-grade steel A2 and A4.
Thanks to its different production process, this variant offers interesting price advantages compared with the Biloc variant! It must be noted, however, that the Inloc version can be affected by galling due to the absence of copper/tin coating!

A summary of the most important differences:


Inquiry/order example:
DIN 980, A2, M8, Biloc
or 0980 2 080‐‐‐02

Inquiry/order example:
DIN 980, A2, M10, Inloc
or 0980 2 100‐‐‐09

Both variants, Biloc and Inloc, are available ex warehouse from Lederer starting immediately. The two DIN 980 versions are also available for purchase in the Lederer Online Shop (www.lederer‐shop.de), even with a direct online price comparison for registered shop users.

“Original” DIN 980 nuts can be found in the Lederer railway product range and are bought by European manufacturers with railway approval.