Edelstahlschrauben und Verbindungselemente

In addition to forged eyebolts and ringnuts according to DIN 580/582, there are now also more economically priced variants.

Lederer expands DIN 580/582 assortment


As a well-known specialist of several decades’ standing in the field of stainless steel fasteners, screws and nuts, Lederer is expanding its assortment in the area of eyebolts and ring nuts manufactured in accordance with DIN 580/582. As a supplement to the variant forged in the die, Lederer is now also offering the casted version.

Production using the lost wax procedure gives the eyebolts and ring nuts their casting-typical, smooth and polished surface that is suitable in particular for tasks of a more decorative nature than those of the forged variety. In addition, casted eyebolts and ring nuts can be manufactured far more economically. All of the load values required in the norm are virtually fulfilled; in this way, the casted variants can be deployed for light lifting and transporting activities and for eye fastening, too. However, they may not be used in safety-relevant areas; instead, the forged version must be used in those areas.

The available assortment covers the sizes M6-M42 (forged), M5-M16 (casted) and the material variants stainless steel A2 and A4.

A summary of the most important differences:


DIN 580 and 582

 similar to DIN 580 and 582


 forged cleanly in the die

 casted using the lost wax procedure


 rough surface due to the forging

 casting-typical smooth and polished surface


 according to DIN 580 and 582

 similar to DIN 580 and 582
 (slight deviations due to the production process)

 Load capacity

 corresponds fully to the values required by DIN



 compacted structure due to the forging process

 virtually corresponds to the values required by DIN. Deployment in safety-relevant areas is prohibited!

 lower elasticity because of the cast structure


 for lifting and carrying activities with high safety-relevant demands (mechanical engineering, transport assistance, etc.)

 - for light lifting and carrying activities without any particular safety-relevant requirements

 Eye fastening in order to fix other fastening elements (to build garden fence, etc.)

for decorative requirements

 Order example

 DIN 580,  A2,  M8 forged
 0580  2  080-----60

 ähnl. DIN 580,  A2,  M8 casted
 0580  2  080

Both varieties, the forged and the casted versions, are available ex warehouse at Lederer starting today. The two versions can also be obtained from the Lederer Online Shop (www.lederer-shop.de); for registered shop users, they even come with a direct online price comparison.