Edelstahlschrauben und Verbindungselemente

... back on pole position!

The new Lederer catalogue ...
Stainless steel fasteners.


faster … higher … further …
Business is the same as sports: it’s performance that counts! Not only, but most of all.

The new full Lederer catalogue has a similar aspiration:
Bigger … thicker … heavier … fuller … better …

Decide for yourself what you like best about the new reference work from Lederer:
- new optimised format
- more than one-third more products
- improved assortment overviews
- greatly expanded alphabetic index
- maritime product range, also for landlubbers
- intuitive usage and easy-to-understand structure

In the digital version (as pdf download from our homepage), the bridge has been built all the way to the Lederer online shop for the first time: one click on an article or a product group in the catalogue is enough to have the article details displayed with price and availability information and to get the shopping basket filled up.

Alternatively you can use the actual Lederer Catalog as well in a flip page version.

Order now your personal copy, by eMail or by Contact form.
… or download the digital version from our download area.

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