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Increasingly significant in the automotive segment:

Lederer places articles in IMDS

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In order to satisfy the great demands of customers in the automobile industry, Lederer is placing more and more of its fasteners in the International Material Data System IMDS.

This database is going to simplify the future recycling and reutilization of used vehicles. In it, all of the materials used in automobile production are archived and administered. Only in this way the strict obligations that are imposed on auto manufacturers, and ultimately their suppliers, by national and international norms, standards, laws and regulations can be fulfilled.

Every article recorded there is provided with absolutely precise information on its dimensions, weights and materials. This applies particularly to the information on materials, which even encompasses the exact chemical composition of the basic substances present, since these are the most important factor in recycling. The basic substances that require particular attention in the reutilization phase are labelled separately. This applies not only to substances that are classified as hazardous or even prohibited, but also to those that have to be declared, including nickel for example (which is contained in all high-grade steels).

The IMDS is a joint project developed by the major German automobile manufacturers. It has now been joined by almost all of the well-known vehicle manufacturers around the world. A great deal of general information and lists of basic substances can be retrieved in the public area of the website www.mdsystem.com, while the material data that constitute the real content of the IMDS are deposited in the password-protected area for registered users.