Edelstahlschrauben und Verbindungselemente

New EU environmental regulations
to take effect from July 1st, 2006:

Early implementation of the
ROHS, WEEE and ELV guidelines


Lederer is informing its customers about the relevance of these new EU regulations a whole year before they are due to take effect. Articles affected by them will be altered rigorously to ensure their permissibility under the new conditions and, if required, the necessary declarations of conformity will be submitted.

The background to the above was the adoption of the aforementioned guidelines – which are to take effect on July 1st in 2006 (in the case of ELV: 2007) – in 2002/2003. They stipulate that the following coatings containing chrome(VI), which are normally used in corrosion protection, are no longer permissible and will be replaced by alternative procedures:

  • zinc-yellow, -black or -olive chromized
  • water-based zinc lamella systems (e.g. Dacromet)
  • Lederer is issuing the following general statement on these guidelines:

    None of the uncoated fasteners made from austenitic materials (high-grade steel A1 – A5) that Lederer markets - normed as well as standard and special parts - are affected by these guidelines.


    A full declaration of conformity, supplemented by explanatory notes on this topic, can be obtained from our download area.