Edelstahlschrauben und Verbindungselemente

Annual survey confirms position and acceptance
on the market for fasteners and C-parts:

Lederer´s customers again
demonstrate an above-average
level of satisfaction.


The results of the latest survey by Lederer GmbH shows that even in times of economic stagnation and cautious forecasts, it’s possible to be more than successful and satisfied. This annual survey is part of quality management according to ISO 9001 and an important indicator for acceptance on the market.

The criteria covered by the questions include not only the overall satisfaction with Lederer as a specialist in the field of fasteners made from high-grade steel and C-parts management, but also -of course- specific factors such as advisory competence, processing times for inquiries and orders, product range and quality, accessibility, flexibility and punctuality of delivery, and much more besides.

In all 14 of the thematic areas covered by the survey, at least 95% of the customers described themselves as "very satisfied" or "satisfied"; in 6 of those 14 areas, including overall satisfaction, the satisfied rate even reached 100%.

Only on two criteria was criticism expressed, and even there the proportion of critics was just a lower single-digit percentage figure. But this too must be seen positively, as it confirms the rightness of the decisions made with regard to physical and staff-related expansion measures.

Many customers are also unable to resist underlining the positive cooperation with statements such as "Keep it up!" and "Great team, great work!".