Edelstahlschrauben und Verbindungselemente

An indispensable reference work:

New Lederer central catalogue

81bca6877a12e3903cb217c4fea5ae6a 20.01.2004

Even more comprehensively and clearly than before, Lederer is presenting itself with many thousands of articles made from high-grade steel, steel and special materials. On no fewer than 560 pages, the reader can look at the world of fasteners from many different viewpoints.

Summary of the main highlights:

  • Overall size increased by 50%,
    technical section even doubled
  • Concise presentation of the Lederer product areas
  • Products listed by standard:
    DIN, ISO and non standardized articles
  • Appropriate cross references in the event of
    identical or similar DIN-/ISO articles
  • Complete overview of the changeover in standards on basis of all articles in the catalogue
  • Detailed information about C-parts management
  • Forms for information requests, inquiries and orders
  • Fully bilingual de/en throughout, without exception
  • Three bookmarks and a robust protective cover


To order the catalogue, you can use our contact form - if your need is particularly urgent just send an email with your full address to katalog(at)lederer-online(dot)com