Edelstahlschrauben und Verbindungselemente


Article, consumption and
dispatch data online


- Where are my goods?
- What delivery date was confirmed?
- When and how often have I ordered this article before?
- What are this article´s consumption data?

Taking current developments in the e-business segment into account, Lederer offers its customers an exclusive information system that answers the above questions online and, in addition, provides a broad spectrum of further information (the online link to Lederer's merchandise management system means that all of the data displayed are up-to-date at the moment they are requested).

Lederer Tracking makes it possible for Lederer's customers to access directly all the relevant article, order and consumption data. Information that can be inquired about includes:

  • article no. and designation
  • Your order no. and Lederer order no.
  • ordered quantity
  • type of shipping
  • delivery and shipping date
  • No. and weight of packages
  • order state

In addition, statistical data on articles from kanban systems are also gathered and displayed, e.g.:

  • numbers of items in the current year and previous year
  • number of container interventions/filling-up operations
  • Lederer goods in stock

To supplement this detailed information, Lederer Tracking can also be used to make inquiries about the article´s history: an overview of the previous orders and deliveries of the article.
This can be done for both standard and kanban articles.

A detailed description of all the Tracking functions, as well as information about system requirements, registration, etc., can be found at Lederer Tracking on the help pages and MF_PAGE/ebusiness/lederer-tracking/":"here."

You´ll find a descriptive online demo here.