Edelstahlschrauben und Verbindungselemente

Fresh off the presses:

The new Lederer catalogue 2008/2009


The paint isn’t quite dry yet and the glue’s still fresh; it “smells new” and that’s exactly what it is: Lederer has updated its proven and sought-after reference work for stainless steel fasteners and is presenting itself again with umpteen thousands of articles, services and information items about materials. These catalogue contents, taken in their entirety, form the centrepiece of Lederer’s trading activities; we can therefore assert that we are proverbially putting “our heart” in your hands.

This summary of our services is designed not only as an expression of continually advancing development and a constantly increasing diversity of standards; what’s even more important is that we are constantly refreshing our active response to your demands on product assortments and services. For while there are many suppliers offering “08/15”, you have the right to expect more from Lederer in every respect.

Summary of the catalogue highlights:

  • overall size has increased again by 20%
    and now covers 628 pages
  • more than 30 newly-included product assortments
    with several hundred individual articles
  • product lists in accordance with standards
    classified by DIN, ISO and standard articles
  • specialised cross references in the event of
    identical or similar DIN/ISO articles
  • updated comparative overview of DIN/EN/ISO
    with regard to changes in standards
  • extensive depiction of eBusiness services:
  • the keyword directory has grown
    from 400 to 650 entries
  • three bookmarks and a durable protective cover


Needless to say, all of the printed catalogue contents can also be called up online: on the Lederer webpages all of the information can be retrieved comfortably and conveniently, while in the online shop you can inquire about and order all the articles quickly and securely.

The best way to order the catalogue is to use our contact form - but if you’re really in a hurry, just send an e-mail containing your full address details to katalog(at)lederer-online(dot)com  

And if you’d prefer to leaf through the catalogue as a pdf document on your computer screen, you can download it in our Download Area.