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We're radiation-free:

No radioactively contaminated
stainless steel at Lederer

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In February 2009, the BMU (German Federal Ministry of the Environment, Nature Conservation and Reactor Security) issued two press releases informing the public that stainless steel contaminated radioactively with cobalt-60 had been discovered in Germany. Among the statements made in the press releases was: "To the best of our knowledge, this contamination is the consequence of the unintended melting down of radioactive cobalt-60 radiation sources in an Indian smelting plant."

Although the BMU gives its assurance that there is no danger to health, Lederer GmbH, as a company possessing a variety of relevant certificates (DIN EN ISO 9001 Quality Assurance, DIN EN ISO 14001 Environmental Protection and BS OHSAS 18001 Safety at Work and Health Protection), naturally feels compelled to rule out the possibility of its merchandise being contaminated and to act upon the information it is receiving.

For that reason, we first checked all of our suppliers and demanded assurances from them that the articles we obtain from them are free of any contamination; we have received these affirmations.
Secondly, the entire inventory at Lederer was examined using radiation gauges; in this area, the result was unambiguous:
no contamination with radioactivity!

Last but not least, Lederer is going to carry out this examination as part of every incoming goods check; i.e. until further notice, all incoming deliveries will likewise be examined using radiation gauges.

In this way, it will be ensured that in the future, too, all of Lederer's articles satisfy the prevailing high quality and safety standards and involve no hazards of any kind.
Lederer will continue to inform itself about this topic in the minutest detail and will act in accordance with new developments and insights as they arise.

If you have any queries or require more information, please do not hesitate to contact our Head of Quality Management, Jörg Baumann: Fon +49/2333/8309-780, Fax -500 and jbaumann(at)lederer-online(dot)com