Edelstahlschrauben und Verbindungselemente

Estimating security of supply.

Reactor catastrophe in Japan:
No adverse effects at Lederer.

Japanische Flagge_350px_gif 13.04.2011

Lederer is expecting no adverse effects for its supply situation or its ability to supply as a result of the tragic events in Japan.

At the moment, no parts are being purchased directly in Japan and we have not yet received information of any kind indicating that the current situation in Japan has had an adverse impact on the ability of the Lederer suppliers in the Asian region to supply their goods, or that it will have any such impact in the future.

In addition, any contamination of the Lederer inventories can be ruled out categorically because all incoming deliveries have been checked as a matter of routine using radiation gauges since the spring of 2009.

If any of these circumstances change, we shall inform you immediately.