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The latest update to the Lederer Online Shop now offers registered users another helpful function: The upload of article lists and order files.

We at Lederer would again like to do without Christmas presents for customers and business partners this year on the occasion for this year‘s festive season. The entire cost of these will be devoted solely to a charitable cause in form of a donation.

Faster and at the same time safer deliveries to non-EU countries.

Stage clear for your visit to the FASTENER FAIR in Stuttgart!

Hall 3, Stand 2004 – Tuesday-Thursday, 28-30 March 2017

Following the expansion of the company’s warehousing and logistics capacity, a doubling has now been agreed on for the commercial field as well:

We would like to thank all of our visitors for their successful pitstop at our fair stand. With our help you can crank up your lap times and experience Lederer in pole position. With our new storage and logistics system, we are more efficient and can deliver more than ever before.