Chipboard screw
with drilling point and cutting ribs

As a specialist in stainless-steel screws, we at Lederer have responded to the wishes and requirements of the market, and added this “professional” among wood screws to our range.


  • The self-tapping drilling point can be screwed in quickly and precisely without any time-consuming tapping. The danger of cracking or splitting is eliminated. This works evens in hard woods such as Bangkirai and others, that are often used outdoors for patios and the like!
  • Four cutting ribs under the head roughen the surface of the workpiece, enabling the screw to be countersunk easily and completely.
  • The well-proven T20/T25 socket ensures optimum transmission of the force, from placing the screw to countersinking the head, thanks to its six lobe drive.


You can choose from a total of 34 different sizes, 12 lengths, 4 diameters, and 2 sockets. But on the material, we make no compromises: it must be type A2 stainless steel.


The main advantages of these screws

The technical characteristics of these special-purpose screws show themselves in substantial improvement in working:

Time savings of up to 50%
Due to the self-tapping screw point, it is no longer necessary to drill an initial hole (not even in harder woods). Thus one step in the process is eliminated, saving valuable time.

Positive-fit connection between tool and screw
It is almost impossible for the screwdriver or screw bit to slip off, even with the higher screwing torques needed for harder materials. The T20/25 socket head transmits the force applied without losses until the screw head has been countersunk successfully.

Countersinking even in harder surfaces
The four cutting ribs under the screw’s head allow the screw to be countersunk completely, providing attractive, secure fastening.

No damage to the materials
Cracking or splitting of the workpiece when screws are used near the edge are eliminated, since the self-tapping point and the routing ribs act to prevent damage.


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