Decking screw with
CUT point, friction part and cutting ribs

Lederer, your specialist in the field of stainless steel screws, is once again putting its faith in innovation by expanding its delivery programme with this newly-developed product.

Ask for an offer or some samples, try them out yourself and convince of their outstanding details:

The 4-edged-thread geometry
with staggered flank alignment reduces the tightening torque by up to 40% compared with conventional wood screws and reduces screwing-in times.

The CUT point with chamfer
can be applied without any time-consuming pilot-drilling and can be screwed in quickly, accurately and with precision. It is ideal for wood/wood fastenings and simultaneously reduces the danger of cracks and fissures appearing.

The friction part at the end of the thread
reduces the tightening torque and means that your work need not be tiring. At the same time, it supports the cutting ribs and the clean countersinking of the screw head. The danger of cracks and fissures developing is reduced.

Six cutting ribs under the head
make it possible to fully countersink the screw and ensure that the screw head sits in a clean and level position, even in harder wood and without countersinking, the small head gives a visually attractive appearance.

Particularly resilient stainless steel
(nickel-free martensitic material 1.4006) ensures considerably greater strength than conventional A2/A4 materials and also stands out by virtue of its surface quality.

The proven T25-drive
guarantees optimum power transmission from the placement of the screw to the countersinking of the head.

Dimensions currently available:


Ideally suited for:
all woodworking operations and enterprises,
such as
carpenter´s shops, timber construction, gardening and landscaping ...

the fastening of
terraces, boarding and coverings ...
without pilot-drilling and countersinking

screwing work on
balconies, fences, exteriors, carports ...

screwing work with
low edge distances ...

corner fasteners
on chipboards and MDF boards, as well as solid wood ...

timber construction professionals and specialists
in industry and commerce