Hand-picked SPAX assortment:

Branded quality has never been better

Six hand-picked assortments of original SPAX chipboard screws are at the disposal of the screw specialists in industry and trade... naturally made from stainless steel... naturally direct ex warehouse.

The spectrum ranges from decking screws with a small cylinder head and fastening thread through chipboard screws with Pozidriv cross recess, multiple head and 4CUT tip, to countersunk screws, oval countersunk head screws and flat-head screws with T-STAR plus force application. The diameters on offer are from 3.0 to 6.0 mm and the lengths range from 12 to 80 mm. (Further dimensions on request.)

For a detailed overview of the SPAX stainless steel screws in Lederer’s assortment, click on one of the products or load the whole overview as a pdf file.