Offering added value    

The spectrum offered by Lederer includes much more than justtrading with fasteners. The company also offers many serviceson request. These often enable customers to avoid costly andelaborate special designs or labour- and cost-intensive workprocesses.

On the following pages we show you what else Lederer can dofor you – our broad spectrum encompasses mechanicalprocessing, coating, bolt and screw locking, and finallymeticulous quality assurance. 


In many application areas, maximum precision is indispensable. Inthe production of electronic and fine-mechanical components, forexample, preference is given to totally burr- and chip-free articles.As this state cannot always be guaranteed by the usual productionand control processes, Lederer offers the alternative option of themost stringent quality assurance possible. Articles with L-Precisionare subjected to a 100% control procedure; every part in a delivery,without exception, is examined and any foreign material present is removed.