packung regal

Sorting and packaging

If you have particular demands on the delivered articles, for example because they are required by automated production processes, Lederer will be glad to carry out the necessary preliminary work. Screws and all other fasteners can be selected on the latest machinery.


Height of heads
Diameter of heads
Total length
Length of shanks
Diameter of shanks
Controlling of threads
Major diameter of threads
Thread ends
Controlling slots, hexagons a.s.o.
Foreign parts

All of the other articles from the Lederer programme can also be selected and tested according to similar criteria.

If you require particular packaging units or if the repackaging is supposed to comply with particular criteria, this can be taken into account individually. On request, Lederer can assume responsibility for the procurement and storage of the empty packaging in question and for labelling it in accordance with your wishes. Company symbols, parts numbers, bar codes, product illustrations: there are hardly any limits to what you can request.