We do what we can

From us you’ll get everything. Or nothing.

Everything, if it’s fasteners that you’re interested in, together with all of the processes and associated activities that are involved. Because this is what we can do.

Nothing, what goes beyond the above in the solar fields; we are not doing your business; we are not competing with you. This is what others do.

And make short work of it

Telephone, fax and e-mail accelerate the processes and ensure faster handling and quicker responses. Lederer makes the most of these media and can be contacted by customers and potential customers on every communication channel.

The Lederer specialists in the field of fasteners for solar technology are available to answer your questions directly. If you need information or have any questions or specific inquiries, please contact:

Germany / North (ZIP 0-5)
Germany / South / (ZIP 6-9)
Trading Germany