Chemical composition

The chemical composition of the stainless steels that are suitable for fasteners according to DIN EN ISO 3506 is indicated in the following table.

If nothing to the contrary was agreed between the customer and the manufacturer, the manufacturer is at liberty to choose the chemical composition within the agreed steel type.

In cases of application where there is a danger of intercrystalline corrosion, testing in accordance with DIN EN ISO 3651-1 (corrosion trial in nitric acid) or -2 (in sulphuric acid) is recommended. In these cases, the use of stabilized stainless steels A 3 and A 5 (or A 2 and A 4 steels with a carbon content of less than 0,03%) is recommended.

Of course Lederer will place its articles and the exact chemical composition of the basic substances in the International Material Data System IMDS if it´s necessary (and on demand of the customers in the automobile industry).