Great variety of stainless steel bolts and nuts

As one of the leading suppliers of fastening elements, Lederer provides a wide number of models of stainless steel bolts and nuts.

stainless steel bolts and nuts

The well-stocked assortment comprises 18,000 parts of the highest quality and ranges from woodscrews right through to shoulder screws. All items comply with DIN and ISO Standards. Besides these, there are also non-standard fastening elements such as mushroom head screws or hanger bolts made of stainless steel. Parts manufactured to special customer requirements or to their drawings supplement our product range as a proficient C-parts supplier and furthermore impress customers by our controlled quality.

Many fastening elements such as nuts and bolts can be made of stainless steel. It is a frequently-used material in fastening systems which is popular from the field of architecture right through to that of foodstuffs. Stainless steel affords many advantages because on the one hand it is corrosion-resistant, and on the other resistant to acids, to abrasion and is also hygienic. In addition the material possesses many other positive characteristics: stainless steel bolts and nuts are high tensile, conductive and retain their properties at low temperatures. Depending on application, they can be subsequently heat-treated and welded.

Long-lasting fastening elements: Stainless steel bolts and nuts

As a specialist in stainless steel bolts and nuts Lederer constantly keeps the demands of the market and the preferences of customers under observation. This is the essential basis for constant, successful further development of our product range because, depending on the application of the fastening elements, customers need a variety of degrees of hardness or shapes. A modern feature of our range is for example the decking screw with CUT point and cutting notch. The friction part on the end of the thread considerably reduces the screw-in torque and prevents crack formation.

Stainless steel's limited maintenance requirements and long service life make it particularly economical for use in C-parts. Here it should be noted that the material has very varying mechanical characteristics depending on whether it involves austenitic steel grades or martensitic and ferritic ones. All this contributes to the fact that stainless steel covers such a broad range of fields of application. Lederer recognized this fact early on and for about four decades has been specializing in the field of fastening elements and is the expert when it comes to stainless steel bolts and nuts.