Stainless Steel Screws: Proven Quality for Any Project

When the job calls for stainless steel screws, the time tested quality of Lederer products stands above the rest. For over 30 years Lederer has produced screws of all configurations and for every material (wood, capstan, headless, wing screws) according to ISO or DIN standards.

Stainless Steel Screws

At a time when companies need to achieve the highest levels of flexibility while keeping costs low, Lederer helps you maintain the competitive edge by offering thousands of stainless steel articles, thus making sure that your company can find the right product and avoid special production costs.

With Lederer's support, your management and production teams can attain maximum efficiency without losing quality. Every piece we produce undergoes a thorough battery of both mechanized and human quality control inspections and evaluations.

We guarantee that when our customers need stainless steel screws, they cannot find a better combination of quality, price and commitment than what Lederer has to offer.