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Increasing flexibility


As your strategic partner, Lederer does more than just deliver all of the C-parts that you need. On request, we also take care of your prior and subsequent assignments and ease the burden on you and your employees. In many cases this releases capacity that was previously occupied with minor processes – innovative and productive forces that you can exploit far more usefully in other areas to maximize earnings or put new ideas into practice.

Lederer will take care of your

  • search for suitable supply sources 
  • ordering/procurement 
  • finishing 
  • storage 
  • supply 
  • transport 
  • stock management 
  • quality control and assurance 
  • customer care as key account 
  • ongoing system maintenance

In the process, we manage more than just fasteners made from stainless steel: it goes without saying that articles made from carbon steel and special materials, nonferrous metals and synthetic materials are also part of our C-parts range, not to mention products such as electrical items and threaded joints that are not in the assortment.