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Fasterer. Biggerer. Cleverer. Visiblerer. Multilingualerer. ... Lederer!

Even betterer: The Lederer Web Shop 2.0 is online.

Doing your shopping online makes life easier. Even when buying at the Ennepetal/Germany based specialist for stainless steel fasteners, screws, bolts, nuts, washers; DIN and standard parts.

After six successful years, almost a million search requests, well over 100,000 orders and what has seemed like 1,000 ideas and suggestions, it was time to make a new start – or to put it another way, a relaunch. Now it's been live and online since mid-October 2012: the new Lederer Shop 2.0.

The relaunch consists not only of a small face­lift of the online shopping basket, some minor adjust­ments to the chassis and stee­ring, cleaned wind-screens and a vacuum-cleaned boot design of the Lederer-Shop 2.0 was rigo­rous­ly enhan­ced, bodywork, inte­rior and dash­board were over­hauled and im­proved. It was equip­ped with a faster engine and even under­stands five languages now.


The improved and optimised programming makes an increase of up to 300 % in speedpossible. This means that Lederer customers can save time: searching, finding and ordering procedures take place at intervals of just a few seconds. Furthermore, a lot of functions were overhauled and made even simpler, for example the enhanced quantity recording function in the repeat orders list.


The working area has been enlarged and adapted to current screen sizes. At the same time, the tabular presentation has been enhanced and made easier to understand; the customers themselves can now choose the number of results to be displayed. This means that they can now achieve maximum functionality and efficiency.


Seek and you shall find… everything in the Lederer Shop 2.0, thanks to its enhanced search function: the new search engine now accepts even more entries: standard, material, plain text, key word, size, quantity, Lederer article number, customer article number... and all of them can be combined in any way. In particular, the desired quantityas a new search key greatly simplifies and accelerates the selection and order process. The plain text search in German, English, French, Dutch and Spanish plays its part as well.


The search mask has essentially remained the same – it has proved its worth in millions of transactions. Nevertheless, the Lederer Shop now offers even more comfort and utility:
In all the search actions with indicated quantities, a new quick availability display informs the user directly about the articles' availability, while articles with partial quantities can also be displayed on request, at the press of a button. The quick shopping basket viewimmediately shows the user how many items are already in the shopping basket. The length of all the display lists and results can now be selected and set individually.


As well as the improved handling and depiction of delivery addresses, users of the new Lederer Shop can now also send the full shopping basket by e-mail or open it directly in MS Excel. In addition, Lederer provides the time for a break or two: the time out was increased to eight hours, thereby leaving enough time for a cup of coffee or a phone call with Lederer without customers in the online shop having to log on again afterwards.


There's a basic principle that Lederer abides by: when something that has proven its worth is relaunched, the relaunch has to be a real improvement. In its optimisation of the online shop, Lederer has picked up on the many wishes and suggestions of its customers just as it did with the ideas of its own employees. At the prototype stage, the new shop was given a thorough examination. Now it's time for the customers, too, to assure themselves of its calibre: The new Lederer Shop 2.0 is simply betterer.