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Preserving the environment

Guaranteed high quality is of paramount importance for Lederer – and not only with regard to its products and services.

Just as Lederer’s quality assurance safeguards the quality of its articles and the certification according to ISO 9001 guarantees the high standard of its processes and services, the preservation of resources and the environment is also a matter of course for Lederer.

Being a commercial enterprise pure and simple, we do not deal with hazardous substances and resources as part of our core activities. Nevertheless, we want to make our contribution to preserving the natural environment and the basis of existence for future generations.

Our certification in accordance with ISO 14001
(environmental management)

is the suitable means by which all of the goals and measures in this area can be bundled:

  • Reduction/Optimization of waste:
    separation of waste and reduction in disposal costs
  • Reduction in energy consumption:
    5% less power/oil/gas per year
  • Training of employees:
    sensitization and motivation for active implementation
  • Integration of suppliers and customers:
    choice of responsible partners and sensible reduction in packaging materials

The 14001-certificate is downloadable here.

Further information on environmental and climate protection, energy transition and sustainability at Lederer can be found here.