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Full of energy and ready for business

Fasteners for solar technology

When you think about solar, you have to think about stainless steel fasteners.

No other segment in the construction and energy sector is achieving growth rates as high as those in solar technology, be it photovoltaics (power) or solar thermal systems (hot water):
According to the German Solar Industry Federation (BSW), the industry's annual turnover will increase from EUR 9.3 billion in 2007 to EUR 38 billion in 2020; in the same period, the overall stock of solar facilities will grow from 1.5 million to more than 10 million installed systems.

And every one of these systems must be mounted permanently, durably and safely. This works best with fastening technology made from stainless steel. It works best with Lederer.

On the following websites we inform you about the Lederer solar programme, and our philosophy, articles and offers.
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