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Securing elements for screws

The decision on the suitable securing element for each application must be taken with the operating conditions and economy in mind. The crucial factor in product selection is the effectiveness of the securing element for the screw. Three types of securing element are assigned to the five main groups, and the appropriate articles for these elements can be found in the Lederer catalogue. Grip and adhesive securing elements for screws are available in a wealth of types and designations. Lederer will be glad to advise you on choosing the right solution for your specific application case, and not only for stainless steel screws and fasteners.

Table Securing elements for screws

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Type of coating

Adhesive Coating
Terminology: Cyanacrylate and adhesive („one-second-adhesive“), anerobic adhesive in part with micro, encystment all-round coating
Products/brands: Loctite, Polyloc, Omicote, Scotch-Grip. Precote,...

Grip Coating
Terminology: spot or all-round-coating in part plastic materials inserts or gripping strips in the thread
Products/brands: Tuflok, Eslok, Long-lok, Klemm-Tight, Keilstopp, ...