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Virtual tour of Lederer GmbH

Come with us on a very special tour of our company!      
... from any location ... with any device ... at any time          
... whenever YOU want.

We had created the entire Lederer infrastructure as a virtual, walk-in 3D model. No other technology allows a digitally walk through in such an intuitive and realistic way. You can move freely and experience Lederer in a completely new, surprising way.

Lean back and just watch ...
... let us take you on a tour of our company premises and the functional areas:

Or determine the route yourself and visit the Lederer sales departments, the automatic warehouse,
... the incoming and outgoing goods department and learn new things about Lederer at the numerous touchpoints distributed throughout the model. Thanks to its intuitive operation, it works on any device, whether PC, laptop, notebook, tablet or smartphone; with mouse, touch and swipe technology.

Either directly here/below, or as a new page in a separate window/tab.

We would also be happy to take you on a guided tour ...
...  You will receive a tour code which lets your online view moves synchronously with ours.     Experience a tour with us as if you were there with us.

Please use the contact form below or send an email to tour(at)lederer-online(dot)de.


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