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Measures to prevent corrosion

There are four types of corrosion prevention measures, which can be differentiated in descending order of priority as follows:

  • The right choice of material (stainless steels and special materials, nonferrous metals such as copper, brass, bronze, aluminium or titanium and synthetic materials)
  • Subsequent surface coatings (lubrication, zinc coating, lacquering, phosphatizing, bronzing, chromizing, galvanizing)
  • Electro-chemical measures (cathodic protection)
  • Structural measures (insulation, avoidance of crevices, etc.)

Lederer is the right contact when it comes to the choice of materials. We provide you with detailed advice and help you to choose the best article/material combination. Similarly, we can offer you all of the commonly used procedures for surface coating and carry them out for you. Knowing the right matings of materials is certainly one of the relevant electro-chemical and structural measures. After all, the possibility of contact corrosion should always be considered when different metals are being used simultaneously in fastening elements and the elements earmarked for fastening. The following overview provides reference values for suitable material matings as well as those that should be avoided.

Table Corrosion prevention

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