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Acting sustainably

At Lederer, sustainability, energy transition and climate protection are not just written words, but have been practised for many years.

The material from which our core range of fasteners is made is sustainable in itself: stainless steel as a non-corroding material is more durable and resistant than many other alloys; there is almost always no need for an additional galvanically applied coating to achieve the desired durability. This protects the environment and resources.

This and our world of values are both an incentive and an obligation to live up to our responsibility in other areas as well.

As a major consumer of electrical energy, we therefore switched to a provider of pure, certified green electricity in 2020, which enables us to reduce our CO₂ output by almost 400,000 kg annually. This year we also started to switch to hybrid and electric vehicles so that the company‘s own charging stations supply the vehicle fleet now exclusively with electricity from renewable energy sources. We do our utmost to work in a more sustainable and climate-friendly way.

In mid-October 2020, 500 trees were planted as part of an initial afforestation on behalf of Lederer. Our partner PLANT-MY-TREE® implemented these sustainable tree plantings with a planned project duration of more than 99 years in Utscheid, Rheinland-Palatinate in the southern Eifel. During this time, there will be no deforestation or economic use of the area: Our next contribution to CO₂ compensation, to environmental and climate protection.

You can also find additional information on Lederer sustainability here.