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The new Lederer Shop 3.0:

Good - better - best.

After just over eight successful online years, almost two million search requests, well far over 180,000 orders and the realisation of many ideas, we would now like to ignite the next stage of our online rocket by presenting to you the brand-new version 3.0 of our online shop.

These days, buying in online shops is by no means as impersonal an experience as it used to be. And that applies especially to the new Lederer-Shop 3.0! 

Give it a try, and bear in mind that you’re welcome to tell us what you think of the improvements.
And if you like messages that really stick in the mind... go ahead!

We’ll send you a few more special ones by "conventional" post!

This is new in the Lederer-Shop 3.0:

  Direct contact with your indoor sales contact at Lederer

■  Convenient TypeAhead search of the kind familiar from e.g. Google or Amazon
■  The diameter and length of the searched-for articles now also take account of the
     adjacent dimensions (if you are not deliberately searching with indicating the decimal places, e.g. 8.0 or 4.2 instead of 8 or 4)

■  Quick view of the menu now also for favorites and the reorder list 
■  Improved partial-quantity display with active switch  
■  Enhanced article presentation in all view options

■  Optimised buttons and faster operability
■  Enhanced availability display on special request

Have a try!