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C-parts & specific manufacture-bounded items

The C-parts requirements of a customer frequently also cover articles that are not originally assigned to the fasteners like screws, nuts, bolts and washers made of stainless steel (e.g. electrical articles such as cable lugs, soldering terminals, end splices or synthetic articles made by standard or drawing). Even these small parts are indispensable for the production process, however, and must therefore be taken into consideration within the framework of C-parts management (just like manufacturer-specific articles that are added using the C-parts management system).

That is why Lederer, on the basis of individual agreements and as a component of logistics systems and service concepts, also procures these products from outside the industry and keeps them in stock. If requested, we even enter into partnerships with specific suppliers that supplement our range of articles.

  • Electrical articles
  • Plastic items
  • Sealings
  • Hoses and tubes
  • Rivet technique
  • Pneumatics
  • a.m.m.