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For everyone who wants to move forward

A splendid assortment

It‘s splendid because it contains the most important productsfor fasteners and clamps in all areas of railway engineering.What is more, it takes account of the specific requirements thatprevail in the industry.

Quality: that goes without saying
Diversity: ditto 

  • Overhead wire bolts
  • Splints
  • Tubular / Blind rivets
  • Nuts
  • Rail Nuts
  • Slot Nuts
  • Flat washers
  • Nord-Lock washers
  • Lock-washers / spring lock washers
  • Schnorr washers
  • Spherical washers
  • Spacers
  • DIN/ISO screws
  • Stirrup bolts
  • T-head bolts
  • Gaskets
  • Electrical incidentals
  • Articles based on customer's drawings 

All articles can be provided with certification if required.