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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Our many years of experience in C-parts management have given us comprehensive know-how in this field. That is why we know all about the requirements of our customers and their terms of reference. A number of basic questions, however, are asked time and again. Here we have compiled a list of these questions, together with our replies. Needless to say, we will be delighted to answer any further questions personally.

No. The range of C-parts is defined according to customer requirements. Depending on demand, for example, we deliver fastening materials, electrotechnical hardware, plastic parts and small modules.

We take on these suppliers and integrate their products into the overall concept. In exceptional cases we levy an extra service charge from the customer.

We stock enough parts for the next 6 or 12 months! In this way we can deliver at any time, even during the customer's peak demand periods.

The inventory is managed by external logistics partners. These receive detailed instructions and remain constantly in touch with us.

Our customers can even choose how they want to be invoiced. We offer the following alternatives: invoice with every delivery monthly collective invoice crediting procedure.

Demand is generally ascertained by scanning the empty containers. This recording method is used either on our premises or those of our customer, depending on the project. All of the data are then imported directly into our merchandise information system.

Of course! We assume full responsibility for the quality of your C-parts.

We recommend a contractual term of 2 - 3 years. We guarantee you fixed prices for this period. In addition to that, the contract can include a prolongation option.