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Lederer - DIN- und Normteile aus Edelstahl

Undetachable bonds:

Screw/tapping screw and washer assemblies

Over and above the standard DIN and normed parts, Lederer also offers screw and washer assemblies and tapping screw assemblies of every possible variety. In doing so, it takes account not only of the DIN norms 6900 ff. and 6901, but also the more recent European norms EN ISO 10644 and 10510.


Lederer screw and washer assemblies: an overview

  • ready-to-assemble fasteners with undetachable washers
  • DIN 6900 / EN ISO 10644 with metric thread
  • DIN 6901 / EN ISO 10510 with tapping screw thread
  • screw diameter of M2.5 to M8 or from 3.5 to 8mm
  • many washer combinations in accordance with DIN ...
    ... 6902 (washer)
    ... 6904 (spring washer)
    ... 6905 (lock washer)
    ... 6906 (tooth lock washer)
    ... 6907 (serrated lock washer) und
    ... 6908 (conical spring washer)

also available with sealing elements made from neoprene, polyamide, laminated paper, etc.

In the Lederer screw and washer assemblies, screws and washers are undetachably linked to one another but can be rotated freely. In this respect it makes no difference whether there are one, two or even three washers. The fact that the washers are placed in front of the coils of the thread means that the individual components of the screw and washer assemblies are always firmly linked together as ready-to-use units.

This combination of screw and washer(s) removes the need to pick up and grasp flat parts, while also rendering unnecessary time-consuming preparation and piecing-together activities during screw assembly. Assembly output is increased and costs reduced. In addition to that, the undetachable bond means that the parts can be applied securely even in places that are difficult to access, for example during overhead assembly. In dismantling operations, moreover, it ensures that the washers don’t get lost – which is important in the event of subsequent reassembly.

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