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Guaranteeing quality

Consistently high quality is the top priority for Lederer. This applies to the quality of both products and services.

All incoming and outgoing parts are subjected to a systematic quality analysis and assessment. Physical and chemical properties are examined with modern measuring instruments and compared with the desired properties. These permanent tests force our suppliers to deliver nothing but high quality products. Lederer does not cooperate with manufacturers that fail to maintain the required standard.

The criteria that can be examined include the following:

  • dimensions
  • coatings
  • hardness according to Rockwell (HRC) and Vickers (HV)
  • thread
  • material types

In addition to its QA testing department, Lederer GmbH has its own testing laboratory accredited in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025. In this lab, even more detailed investigations can be carried out and certificates issued.

The Lederer testing laboratory can carry out the following activities:

  • Tensile tests for full-size bolts and screws
  • Tensile tests under wedge loading
  • Proof load test for nuts
  • Breaking torque test
  • Drill speed test for self drilling screws
  • Hardness test for core and surface hardness
  • Miscellaneous manual tests
  • Salt spray tests
  • Issuing of test certificates 3.1C

In many branches of industry, moreover, fasteners with TÜV (German technical testing institute) approval are required. Lederer is one of the few suppliers whose product assortment depth now leaves hardly a wish in this area unfulfilled. The articles in question are given the designation „TÜV approved in accordance with AD-W2“ and the material specification „A 2-70 / A 4-70“ in the Lederer catalogue.

The following test certificates in accordance with DIN EN 10204:2004 can be issued: