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Accepting responsibility.

Code of Conduct as a component of the compliance management system.

For more than 50 years now, Lederer has been a responsible and family-run company and one of the leading suppliers of high-quality fasteners and efficient C-parts management in Germany and around the world.

As well as the high quality of our products and services, our customers and business partners expect to see conduct that is law-abiding and upright in every way. To fulfil these expectations, we have decided to introduce a compliance management system. In this way, we intend to further strengthen the trust of our customers in us and our business relationships.

This Code of Conduct defines the principles of Lederer GmbH and its employees, who are aware of it every workingday. At the same time, the Code of Conduct is also the basis for our suppliers with regard to their responsibility for their fellow men and the environment.

Further information about our basic principles, responsibility and sustainability as well as dealing with business partners can be downloaded here:


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