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Special parts

As soon as it becomes clear that a fastening problem cannot be solved with normed or standardized elements, it is advisable to use special parts. Changing parameters slightly to adapt a standardized part to your special case is sometimes enough. In other cases a completely autonomous trial solution is required. In both of these cases, Lederer is the right partner for you. On the basis of the information that you provide, we procure every desired special part in every desired material, either by drawings or on the basis of existing samples.

This includes:

  • Swiveled parts
  • Extruded and press forged parts
  • Hot-formed parts
  • Cast and forged parts
  • Stamped and bent parts
  • Security screws

As regards the individual specifications, there are hardly any limits to what you can request:

  • in all diameter ranges and all thread mouldings (fine-, left-, UNC-, BSW- etc.)
  • in all materials (stainless steel, steel, special materials)
  • in all product classes and their corresponding demands
  • with all surfaces, coatings and securing elements

It goes without saying that special and designed parts are subjected to the same stringent quality checks as our normed and standardized parts (stainless steel screws and fasteners). The same applies to the fact that you will receive test certificates in accordance with DIN EN 10204 (see Guaranteeing Quality).