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Optimizing purchase management


Previously unexplored possibilities for increasing efficiency and reducing costs are being opened up by the use of C-parts management.

Taking your special requirements into account, we develop a professional made-to-measure concept for your individual C-parts management. Lederer also takes responsibility for all of the logistics services, from procurement and storage to supply and quality assurance.


  • reduction in process costs by up to 50%
  • product range streamlining by analysis and comparison
  • reduced capital commitment by reducing inventories 
  • permanent availability and demand-determined delivery 
  • process-optimized logistics and individual solutions 
  • consistently high quality and quality assurance agreements

More than benefits

We manage more than just fasteners such as screws, nuts, DIN and standard parts made of stainless steel: Articles made of carbon steel and special materials, non-ferrous metals and plastic are of course part of the C-parts range; as well as specific manufacturer-bounded items such as, for example, electrical goods, tools and consumables.

And the selection and procurement of a suitable shelving system, regardless of whether it is for hiring, renting or buying, belongs to the Lederer range. Similarly, the clarification of organizational issues such as the goods insurance.

Last but not least, of course, the selection of the appropriate information channels belongs to an optimally adjusted C-parts management system.
Whether classical analog, optical via scanning or fully digital via RFID ...
... Lederer offers you the optimal solution for your security of supply.


On the following pages you will receive an overview of the details and the implementation of C-parts management. We will also be glad to provide further information.

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Fax: +49(0)2333/8309-50 
E-mail: C-Teile-Management(at)lederer-online(dot)com