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Keeping close to the customers

Conscientiously cultivated business relationships are the key to Lederer’s success. The company’s declared objective is to maintain its position as one of the industry leaders. When you are satisfied, so are we. That is why the care that Lederer devotes to your wishes and requirements is matched by the attention that it lavishes on far-sighted partner dialogue. The latter is always geared towards long-term cooperation and mutual trust, optimum service and finding a solution to your procurement assignment.

This entire Lederer print catalogue as well as this website are the result of many years’ experience, thousands of conversations with dealers, users and technicians and the trends on the market for fasteners. In the print catalogue, you will find not only the actual catalogue and price section, but also a massively expanded technical section, clear and precise information about the switch in standards from DIN to ISO and several options for making contact with Lederer.

This website provides all of the articles and the technical and standards section. The site has a search function based on parts designations or standards and provides detailed information about C-parts management. Product supplements and updates are displayed promptly, even before the next catalogue appears.

On the contact page you will find an overview of your contacts in the individual sales departments, naturally accompanied by all of the communication data. A pre-prepared inquiry forms make it easier for you to make contact with Lederer and obtain information. Whichever method you choose, the entire Lederer team will be glad to assist you at any time. Together, we will find the right solution for every fastening and procurement problem.