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New Lederer Online Shop 5.0: Faster, safer, more mobile, more modern

...powerful search ... previously unknown speed ... upload- and download feature ... quickorder form ... responsive design ... new notification feature ...

Over the Easter holidays 2019 Lederer has placed a particularly beautiful egg in the nest for its customers. The Lederer Online Shop for stainless steel fasteners, which has been successful online for 13 years now, was replaced by a more modern, high-performance and flexible eBusiness solution.

The focus is still on powerful search functions. These include numerous product details and variants and produce the desired results at a previously unknown speed.

Naturally, the new Lederer Online Shop is also responsive, i.e. it can automatically adapt the shop, web pages and forms to any output device (Desktop PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.).

Contemporary features that belong in every up to date Online Shop are, of course, also part of the new Lederer Shop:

  • a reorder list, showing all previous orders (items can be reordered directly from here)
  • a favorites list, the customer can fill and maintain himself
  • a further improved availability display at various levels including a new notification function
  • an optional download of price lists
  • an upload function for importing customers own order files/article lists
  • and brand new:
    a quickorder form for the fast and efficient input of item requests (for the "quick tippers" among the customers: only enter article number and quantity ... ordered)

Last but not least:
An even more secure 2-factor authentication than before also sets new standards in terms of security.