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Making use of progress

In an age of ever-faster information, accelerated processes and shorter response times, only those who are open and receptive to these developments will survive. In the same way that the letter, telephone, telex, fax and finally e-mail media complemented and/or replaced each other in the communication between customers and suppliers, the processes for exchanging business and process data is also developing continuously.

  • connected to the customer´s ERP system by means of EDI
  • electronic market places
  • Assessment of demands via RFID
  • own Lederer Online Shop and own Lederer Cloud Solution
  • eProcurement and web-based ordering system
  • BMEcat, XML, eClass and profiClass

are no buzzwords for Lederer; they are part of everyday life at our company. Many of our customers - from small trading companies to large, globally active groups - are already putting their faith in the flexibility and reliability of their electronic data exchange with Lederer.

In this respect, Lederer is large enough to implement even sophisticated and far-reaching solutions, for example in neutral marketplaces such as Mercateo , Onventis and Simple System or in proprietary corporate solutions such as SIEMENS´ Supply On.

At the same time, Lederer is still small enough to react flexibly to market requirements and carry out customers’ wishes quickly and without any bureaucratic delays. These days, the provision of article and price data in BMEcat and similar structures is just as much a natural part of our service as the connection to the customer’s ERP system via EDI or regular price adjustment via xls, csv and other data formats.

Of course, Lederer also offers the entire range of stainless steel products in the online shop.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re "just" looking for technical information or whether you want to make an inquiry or place a complex product order: Lederer is at your service here 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.​​​​​​