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Fasteners, Special parts by drawing, C-parts management:

The combination with a future.

Lederer is your partner for high-quality fasteners made of stainless steel, e.g. screws, nuts and bolts. Our decisive strengths: an optimally equipped warehouse with more than 25,000 articles, committed, highly qualified staff and a full service concept. You can find all articles in stock here in our Online shop, where all items can be ordered directly.

Are you looking for a strategic partner for your C-parts needs? Get in contact with us, we are specialists for logistics supply systems.

Whether it is fasteners made of stainless steel, steel or special materials, whether it is DIN or special parts, whether it is plastic articles, electronic or other small parts - we can fill you Kanban shelves the way you want.

Lederer - Sonderteile und Zeichnungsteile


The more than 25,000 different articles in the Lederer delivery programme are assigned to four product areas. Not only do these make sensible subdivision possible, they can also be illustrated graphically in accordance with their weighting and import ...

Lederer - DIN- und Normteile aus Edelstahl


The correct use of fasteners made of stainless steel such as screws, nuts, bolts and accessories is sometimes dependent on technical knowledge. To support our customers in this we have included important information about the properties and proper us ...

Lederer - C-Teile-Management, Logistik und RFID

C-parts management

In an age of rapid changes and changing markets, only those companies that adapt to changing needs, optimize sequences and processes and make sensible use of unused capacity can survive. In earlier times, these efforts were mainly directed towards th ...


The name "Lederer" now stands for almost 50 years of experience with fasteners made of stainless steel, such as screws, nuts, bolts, normed and standardized parts, special parts and special materials and C-parts management. This development is the expression of our customer-oriented corporate philosophy – products or services are not the focal point of everything we do; you, the customer, are the focal point. We are not satisfied until you are!

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eBusiness – Making use of progress

In an age of ever-faster information, accelerated processes and shorter response times, only those who are open and receptive to these developments will survive. In the same way that the letter, telephone, telex, fax and finally e-mail media complemented and/or replaced each other in the communication between customers and suppliers, the processes for exchanging business and process data is also developing continuously.

to eBusiness

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New Lederer Online Shop: Faster, safer, more mobile, more modern

...powerful search ... previously unknown speed ... upload- and download feature ... quickorder form ... responsive design ... new notification...

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New in Lederer Shop: Upload your own order files

The latest update to the Lederer Online Shop now offers registered users another helpful function: The upload of article lists and order files.