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Lederer-Shop 3.5: New basket ...

and a lot more.

After just over ten successful online years, almost three million search requests, well far over 300,000 order positions and the realisation of many ideas, we have developed further improvements and released with the current shop version 3.5.

  New login, space-saving and adapted to the display of the Lederer contact persons.
    In the case of guest users (adapted to the contact persons for logged in shop users) 
    now with Direct contact / Quick inquiry.

■  Items without a specified price are no longer displayed with 0,-,
    but as an inquiry item.

■  Display of availability now also on detailed item view (previously only in table view).

■  Quantity, weight and value of the shopping basket are now displayed on all pages.
     In addition, the shopping basket button is more present than before.

■  Significantly extended order emails from the shop.

■  Keywords also in Italian, as search term unsable. (In addition to German, English,
     French, Dutch and Spanish … Czech, Polish, Hungarian etc. are in preparation)

Have a look right now!