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Guaranteeing quality

Consistently high quality is the top priority for Lederer. This applies to the quality of both products and services.

All parts are subjected to a systematic quality analysis and assessment. Physical and chemical properties are examined with modern measuring instruments and compared with the desired properties.

If there is an appropriate individual agreement with the customer, we can even carry out a 100% check, i.e. each individual part is subjected to a test before it is dispatched from stock. In this way, even unusual and extremely exacting quality requirements can be fulfilled.

The following criteria, inter alia, can be examined:

  • Dimensions (manually and with 3D rotation measurement system)
  • Threads and breaking torques
  • Hardness in accordance with Rockwell (HRC) and Vickers (HV)
  • Material types
  • Coatings (RFA)

In addition to its QA testing department, Lederer GmbH has its own testing laboratory accredited in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025. In this lab, even more detailed investigations can be carried out and certificates issued.

The Lederer testing laboratory also has the following possibilitiesat its disposal:

  • Measurements (manual and fully automatic)
  • Thread tests (including gauge accuracy, coefficients of friction, torsion tests)
  • Material analyzes and microscopic structure investigations
  • Tensile tests for full-size bolts and screws
  • Tensile tests under wedge loading
  • Proof load test for nuts and breaking torque test
  • Hardness test for core and surface hardness
  • Notched-bar impact bending test at lower (down to -110° C) and higher temperatures
  • Drill speed test for self drilling screws
  • Coating thickness test and Roughness measurements
  • Salt spray tests
  • Miscellaneous manual tests



      It goes without saying for Lederer that the company not only tests the quality of the products, but also clearly defines the quality of its services. Quality management has been an established part of the Lederer corporate philosophy since 1993. Certification in accordance with ISO 9001 guarantees a high standard of accuracy throughout all the business segments. This means that more than 98% of all orders received can be delivered right away and that transparency of all work processes is guaranteed for every employee.

      These employees, incidentally, are (after you, the customers) the most important capital the company possesses: outstanding expertise, continuous ongoing training and a highly-developed customer orientation are the trademarks of the entire Lederer team. The quality awareness that results from all this forms the basis of our lasting and successful dialogue with our partners on the market. Not for nothing do renowned major companies regularly rate Lederer as an „A“-grade supplier.

      Process stability at every process stage is of paramount importance and a matter of course for us:

      • quality management in accordance with ISO 9001,
      • environmental management in accordance with ISO 140001
      • work safety management in accordance with ISO 45001

      and the current orientation of the Lederer management system to the requirements stipulated by the

      • international railway standard IRIS.

      The following test certificates can be issued: