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Your roof is our challenge

The Lederer solar product spectrum contains all the products and applications relating to solar heat and photovoltaics. And what’s more, it takes account of the industry’s special needs.

  • Hexagon head screws and nuts (with and without flange and serration)
  • Pan washer head timber screws
  • Hammer head screws / T-bolts / Hammer head bolts (with and without spring ball / EPDM insert)
  • Bi-Metal thin sheet screwswith sealing washer
  • Wood screws / Chipboard screws
  • Self drilling screws
  • Pan head screws (with and without flange)
  • Facade building screws /
  • Cladding screws
  • Square nuts / Shear off nuts / Self locking nuts
  • Washers / Safety washers / Spring lock washers
  • Nuts with hexagon socket
  • Slot nuts
  • Dowel screws

Lederer solar products 2024

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