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Your roof is our challenge

The Lederer solar product spectrum contains all the products and applications relating to solar heat and photovoltaics. And what’s more, it takes account of the industry’s special needs.

  • dowel screws / hanger bolts in many types
  • safety and button head screws, six lobe drive with pin
  • wood, head cap and hexagon head screws
  • chipboard screws partly and fully threaded, cross recessed and six lobe drive
  • hexagon and square nuts, also bar connectors/coupler nuts (round and hexagonal)
  • hammer head screws / t-bolts for different types of profiles
  • plain, safety and spring lock washers
  • mounting and threaded plates, gaskets and sealing washers
  • roof hooks (standard and vario)


A detailed overview you´ll find in the:

Lederer solar products 2009

pdf 6 MB